Truth Time

It has been over a month since I last made an entry to this blog.
And I’ve realized why…

Initially this blog started out as a place to express myself,
About things that I cannot do anywhere else.

Hence this blog site has nothing that ties back to my so-called real life.

Yet I should have known what would happen…

Basically, the blog that was supposed to be my dear and close expression of myself became remote and distant
As that’s my coping mechanism with life.

I fill every aspect of my life with intellectual and distracting pursuits so that I don’t have to feel.

So that’s what I did here.

I wrote a poem to distract myself, then wrote another and filled more than half of this blog with them,
Which in itself is not a bad thing.
Poems are an expression of one’s soul, no?

But then I am not composed of poems
And as I felt like this is what the site now needed to be,
I simply stopped writing…

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